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Is Social Media Changing Your Leadership?

Business Futurist & Innovation Expert Craig Rispin will enlighten you about the future. He is presenting at our breakfast on Friday 13th July.


What our
clients say

We live on repeat and referred work. This is why we are still in business after 18 years.


Safety Culture & Leadership

 Are we safe because we have to be or want to be?


DISC & Motivation

Do you want to have one of the most powerful leadership tools under your belt?

Craig Rispin is a Business Futurist and Innovation Expert his expertise is in emerging business, people and technology trends – and how companies can profit from them.

If you are wanting your business or team to embrace innovation and keep ahead (not catch up to) the market, you must bring them along.


 We value what our clients have to say. Bridgeworks has helped many organisations improve their leadership, business planning, people and culture.


Safety culture and leadership are a matter of life and death. This was no more clearer when comparing global players Exxon Mobil and BP.


DISC is a powerful behavioural tool that measures how you influence and lead others. Many clients find the tool easy to use and a valuable way to understand what motivates people.

An invaluable tool for leaders and teams.


Why Bridgeworks?

  • Deliver powerful ‘learning experiences’
  • Measure everything we do
  • Based on Australian research
  • Build united cultures in businesses
  • Specialise in people skills for professionals
  • Improve corporate profitability
  • Focus on what matters most… people!

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