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Leadership NOW a Life Changing Experience

Aug 2 2012

What makes 12 relatively sane individuals want to travel all the way to Queensland for 4 days, leaving family and work behind to go through an intensive self-appraisal, combined with a long hard look in the mirror, with the opinions of their peers, bosses and team members thrown in for good measure? 

The answer?  The recognition and conviction that they can be better leaders.

Bridgeworks’ Leadership NOW program facilitates just that.  Recently returned from the beautiful Lady Elliott Island having successfully run the fifth Leadership NOW program, participants on this latest program, as those whom have gone before, consider the experience nothing short of “life changing”.

The most recent participants learnt how to have stronger belief in themselves and how a dogmatic attitude from one individual can change the direction of a whole company.

Kent, a State Manager for a major insurance company and previous participant, will never forget his Leadership NOW experience, neither will his family.  As a direct result of his participation he was able to modify his behaviour to such an extent that his wife exclaimed “I don’t know what happened on that island, but I have the man I married back”.  Kent considers this conformation to be right up there with “I do” and “I’m pregnant” from the most important person in his life.

Several of past Leadership NOW participants are coming along to Bridgeworks’ next breakfast to hear Media and Sport’s legend, Max Walker at Melbourne Hilton, 7 September -

Details: http://www.bridgeworks.com.au/events/leadership-breakfast/