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Why We Get Back To Nature

Feb 21 2018

You can see the stress oozing away. The frowns seem to dissolve too.

Considering that 50% of Bridgeworks’ programs are outdoors, nature needs to take a fair chunk of responsibility for the significant changes people experience on these journeys.

However, there could be science behind it.

We know that Nature has healing and restorative powers, but how does the healing actually happen?

First of all, nature provides a great stress relief by enabling you to remove yourself – both physically and mentally – from the things that cause you stress in the first place: office, family, relationships, etc.

And while being outdoors won’t make problems go away, it will help you relax and see the bigger picture. Being away from your everyday environment gives you a different perspective on things. Just looking at a problem from a different angle, helps you find a solution or at least an opportunity to come up with a different approach.

Nature is a great healer and absorber of negativity. To tap into its healing power all we need to do is tune-in and reconnect with where we once belonged.