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Building Team Effectiveness Intensive Workshop

TEAM FIXER: A 3-day Intensive Workshop Turning Ineffective Teams Into High-Performance Teams

In business, regardless of the size of the organisation, pretty much everything is done in teams!
Departmental teams, cross-functional teams, project teams, management teams, internal-external teams …… Achieving your organisation’s goals depends on how well all its teams perform.

The reality is that having really great people does not guarantee that they will be great team members and leaders. It is an individual challenge we have to recognise and a skill we can all practice and learn.

Even if your team is not “toxic”, why should you accept a mediocre or even average performance?

You can bring back the energy, focus, communication and effectiveness that is lacking today. Making teams great again is what Team Fixer Intensive Workshop is about.

What you will achieve With Team Fixer

Team Fixer is a structured program customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation and the people in your team(s). Typically you see immediate results that you can consolidate and extend though follow-up check-ups and/or targeted coaching, mentoring as applicable to your context.

Direct outcomes of the workshop allow you to

  • Kick start a new level of leadership effectiveness for yourself and those you influence
  • Activate a culture of engagement in your organisation
  • Set a process to develop the leadership that your team or organization needs
  • Develop strategies to better manage conflict & “difficult relationships”

Our leadership and team programs have improved team dynamics in many organisations.

We see teams going from being dysfunctional to kicking goals:

  • Taking ownership for making things better
  • Breaking down communication silos
  • Making better decisions
  • Achieving higher productivity
  • Working smarter and increasing innovation.

Difference Maker Methodology

This residential 3-day workshop is a participative experience in influence, leadership, team effectiveness and culture.

You have the opportunity to practice it, not just talk about it. Simple indoor/ outdoor real-life challenges help you to explore improved team dyanmics in real time.

Theory and fun activities give you a deeper understanding of “why you do what you do”, and why others respond as they do. Armed with a clear picture of your current team effectiveness, you set a plan to extend your team abilities and the potential in your team.

Team Fixer Core Programme


You and your team

Looking in the mirror – how you see yourself vs. how others see you

  • Why you do what you do, what’s working, what’s not
  • Do you live the vision & values you communicate?
  • Playing for win-win, win-lose or lose-lose


Raising your level of Possibility Thinking

  • Are you managing change or creating change?
  • Feedback around your ability to build trust
  • How do you get your people to share your vision & enthusiasm?
  • Using the “Platinum rule” of people skills


Creating Your Own Future

  • Turning ideas into action by better engaging stakeholders
  • Open leadership feedback from program peers about your leadership strengths and shortfalls
  • Leadership and risk; covering one’s butt vs. risk taking
  • Your personal, team & leadership commitments

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