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“We Want Brownie”

Apr 12 2018

What drives your leadership? Character or compliance?

Rohan Brown loved his teaching and students. Know as “Brownie” to his students, he was an outstanding teacher and mentor at Trinity Grammar.

He was sacked.

His ‘crime’ – trimming a student’s hair without parental permission.

As Leaders we are often caught up in the great debate: “Should we driven by compliance or what our ‘gut’ says?

Brown breached a Code of Conduct. He was sacked.

This incident begs the question:
“How much should our leadership and decision making be driven by complying with the rules versus our character?”

The dilemma is that both can be right, however I believe one is a ‘management’ decision, the other ‘leadership’.

It’s such debates that we often visit on our Leadership NOW program.

“Brownie” seemed to be of good character and certainly of good standing in the school community. In fact looking at the protests, was well loved and respected.

We love a good debate, why not join us 23-25 May at Cape Liptrap!

By the way, “Brownie” was officially reinstated as of today.