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Organisational & Team Health Check

An assessment and benchmarking tool where team members measure their team or organisation in key areas

The Organisation & Team Health Check is an assessment and benchmarking tool where team members measure their team/department or organisation in key areas as leadership, relationships, environment & behaviour.

A Clients Experience….

Kathy Sdrinis – Director of People & Culture speaks about how she has used the Bridgeworks Team Health Check right across their organisation of almost 500 staff.

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Consider the following questions,

  • What’s more important in tough times…being a team of professionals or professional team?
  • Does your team see tough times as ripe for opportunity or threat?
  • Does your team ‘battening down the hatches’ or look for opportunities to capitalise on?
  • Is your team leading or just managing? Why do we fall back to ‘playing safe’ in tough times or when the pressure’s on and forget about taking the lead?
  • Do team members look for the win-win or do they turn inward and self-centred
  • Is the team’s behaviour more constructive when it comes to change and pressure or more defensive?
  • Do you currently have an easy and effective benchmark to assess your team’s health?

The ease of Organisation & Team Health Check administration allows team members to provide open, honest feedback as to what is working, what is not and encourages team members to provide solutions to some of their challenges – ‘what could do better’ as a team?

As a manager/owner, you get quick, helpful feedback that helps you put together a targeted development plan for your team, rather than just ‘second-guessing as to what needs to happen.

Get your team’s brains from out of the carpark and call Bridgeworks for a no obligation overview of the process and how the Organisation & Team Health Check can provide a useful benchmark as to your team’s, department’s or organisation’s health.


If you would like more information about the Bridgeworks Organisational & Team Health Check, then Bridgeworks can help you get started right away.