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The Challenge Of Having To Rebuild Unity And Trust

Sep 19 2018

Most business leaders face the challenge of managing tough transitions at some stage. Like having to rebuild unity and trust within their organisation. The Canberra dramas that played out under the media spotlight are a reminder of the risk that any organisation faces.
We can all draw lessons from the recent political events and their aftermath.

Key Learnings From Recent Political Events

ScoMo has his work cut out for himself!
The two key ingredients that boost a team’s impact in any organisation are Unity and Trust. These are the 2 mountains that ScoMo needs to climb. His end goal is winning an election. A goal that requires him to make the government and the party functional again, and credible with the Australian voters. He does not have much time to press the restart button and rebuild unity and trust. Survival is at stake!

Symptoms Of Lack of Unity and Trust

Many leaders face tough internal contexts for one reason or another. Even healthy businesses can suddenly have to recover from some significant disruptive event, like a merger, acquisition or a restructure … And still win a raging battle in the market place.

If we look into the mirror and observe our organisation as an unbiased outsider would, what do we see?

  • Do you see passionate people doing everything possible to make the business number 1 and to achieve your vision?
  • Is it happening fast and smoothly?

OR is the picture less rosy?

  • Are you sensing passive resistance to your plans?
  • Do you get apparent approval but no real commitment to making things happen?
  • Are communication silos breaking down your efforts at building effectiveness?
  • Does your team environment look like a WAR ZONE with factions, and manoeuvring behind closed door?

Be Aware Of The Risks

An early diagnostic can prevent long term or irreparable damage. Consider these six possible consequences of not acting promptly to rebuild unity and trust:

  1. Does that internal conflict affect customer satisfaction with your product or service?
  2. Does it undermine your credibility with your ideal customers and/or your business partners?
  3. How much advantage are you giving away to your competitors who watch your team disintegrate from business strength
    to weakness?
  4. Are you missing out on profitable business?
  5. How much energy is your team wasting on fighting itself instead of your competition?
  6. Are you losing good, invaluable, people out of their frustration with the lack of unity?
  7. Are you losing their trust in your ability as a leader? In your organisation’s ability to thrive, and help them thrive?
  8. Are you wasting your own energy putting out spot fires all the time? Worse, are you fighting an increasingly out of control fire about to destroy you and your dreams?

Rebuild Unity And Trust NOW

Brand harmony, consistency and unity is essential to the success of any brand. It only happens when the team behind the brand acts as one and as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. It is a critical characteristic of any high performing team, wherever it operates, in government or business.

When the unity and trust break, it is impossible to achieve goals. Additionally the organisation, and its people find themselves spiralling backwards very fast.

Rebuilding can be a long and winding road! The power in the hands of any leader, whether it be in politics, a corporation, SME or the local football club, is the ability to build unity: A common sense of purpose and direction.

How good are you at engaging and uniting your people?
You maybe their manager, but would they vote for you as their leader?

When was the last time you looked in the leadership mirror anyway?

Turn-Around With Real Life Feedback

Recently I ran into a long term client of mine and he often reflects on how he once was an arrogant, ego driven boss. When the Bridgeworks feedback confirmed that, he was left with a choice; continue to work long hours making up for the “incompetence of others”? Or start engaging those around him, valuing their contribution, uniting them as a team and rebuilding trust lost from his lack of self awareness.

Fortunately he took the latter option and now is bearing the fruit of coaching and mentoring others.

Time To Act And Rebuild

You are a leader, so you are keen to lead your business out of crisis mode and to optimise results. So TALK TO US about first reviewing your leadership effectiveness with our Interpersonal Flexibility measures.

My clients say that it is a great start to building a winning team.