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Tell Your Story

The Power of Sharing Your Journey

Why tell your story?

Telling your story is a powerful way to share why you are passionate about what you do.

Get clear about WHY is it important to tell your story. Here are a few reasons that may motivate you to
work through the process and prepare yourself.

  1. You feel a bit disconnected with people/staff/associates
  2. You are wanting build stronger relationships with people
  3. You want people to know what you stand for. Understand why your values mean so much to you.
  4. You are wanting to break down barriers
  5. You want people to know that underneath that hard nosed business person there actually is a
    heart, passion and a cause you are fighting for

Leadership is dictated by your values and beliefs.

These come from your journey, your story.


“People don’t buy WHAT you do; people buy WHY you do it”

Simon Sinek

‘Your Story’ Template


Download this template and use as a guide for putting together your story.

By running through the questions, it will prepare you for that moment where someone at work or in your personal life is wanting to know what drives you beyond the paycheck or job title. It will help you reveal how you can share your story with others.

Download Template