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Measuring the current state of leadership & culture

Mar 27 2018

To ensure Bridgeworks is up with the most current leadership and issue concerning culture, Bridgeworks recently created a survey of clients using the 6 questions below.

The results so far (measuring over 150 leaders) has been insightful.

Although the survey is not yet completed:

  1. Having a clear vision that is shared with staff?

  2. Regular 360 feedback given to your leaders?

  3. Active engagement of staff?  

  4. Focus on building & developing leaders?  

  5. Building a learning & innovative culture?  

  6. Building a workplace that is enjoyable to work in?

The poorest scoring question (marked /10) was questions 2. There seems to be a lack of regular 360 feedback given to leaders. The highest scoring question to date is “Having a clear vision that is shared with staff” although with some organisations this scored poorly.

Bridgeworks places a heavy influence on the need for leaders to regularly ‘look in the mirror’ and have a clear knowledge that they are connecting effectively within their business.

  • Are you building trust with your people?

  • Are you creating the work environment that is fully engaging your people?

  • Are you a leader, boss or ba@#$%ard?

And as the great Poet, Robbie Burns once said “Oh the gift that God would give us, to see ourselves as others see us”