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Leadership and selflessness

Jul 14 2017

Occasionally I come across a real gem of a leader. For example a CEO I worked with recently when describing his 50 staff, immediately reflected on how he was responsible for 50 families.

That’s what drove him and his decision-making. Without saying, his business is the envy of global partners as they continually have global breakthroughs in innovation. His employees are fully engaged.

Patrick Lindsay, author of a new book, Kokoda Spirit, detailing the struggles of the ANZACs, says it is time more attention was given to the heroism of Kokoda veterans. ”These were guys of such extraordinary character from a remarkable generation,” he says. ”There are countless examples of absolute selflessness.”

Mr Palmer says the resilient spirit that drove the diggers remains a vital part of the Australian character, demonstrated by our response to recent crises such as the Bali bombings and Black Saturday.

To Mr Lindsay, the bravery of the diggers offers a metaphor for more day-to-day struggles. ”We all have a Kokoda Track to face,” Mr Lindsay says.

”It could be losing a job or a marriage break-up. We need something like this story to illustrate what we’re capable of. Those guys didn’t know they had the capacity to do the things they did.”

There are still places on our Kokoda trek in 2018. This coming Saturday there will be practice hike up 1,000 steps in the Dandenongs led by Kokoda trail leader Reg Yates. Join us for a bit of fun!