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Kokoda – Continuing to inspire a nation

Apr 12 2018

Leeches, mud, hot & sweaty climbing in a relentless jungle. Care to join me?

Then, why am I doing it (I’m heading off tomorrow there with my son)?

Kokoda is rich with lessons in leadership.

Kokoda was the first time Australia had fought on its own soil (Papua New Guinea was a territory of Australia in WW2 – 1942). Against a far greater number of jungle trained Japanese, the cards were stacked again them.

These Aussie diggers displayed the power of values through their actions:

Sacrifice and

Stan Bisset was one of those diggers. He was a local to Black Rock near where I live. Him and his brother Harold were very close. You could say ‘joined at the hip’.

Through the miserable conditions of the New Guinea jungle with Japanese attacking at any time of the day and night, both showed courage at many times in defending their fellow mates. Their attitude always lifted the troops – often having them laughing at their gags.

Sadly Harold was shot and died in Stan’s arms. War can be horrible in its brutality, but it never ceases to amaze me how character is built through hardship.

Imagine your business where in tough times, staff were so engaged, they constantly were on the lookout for solutions to pull business through tough times.

Values driven leaders and business are a cut above the rest. They become highly productive and engaged workplaces.

The ‘bottom line’ tends to look after itself.