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How To Build A Winning Culture – The Podcast – Part 1

May 16 2019

Business Culture seems to take prime position in conversations with business leaders these days.
So we decided to hit the issue of Business Culture head on at Bridgeworks Leaders In Action Forum in April 2019.

This well-attended forum was themed around “How to Build a Winning Culture”. With four award winning business leaders on the panel and a very vocal audience there wasn’t a lot of time for breakfast! We had a robust discussion around what makes or breaks modern day workplaces.

Podcast Series: How to Build a Winning Culture

In case you missed the breakfast, I am excited to announce that we captured the discussion and we will create a podcast series focused on “How to Build a Winning Culture”.

Here is the first Podcast gem….

Podcast 1: How to Build a Winning Culture – “Ownership and Influence of Culture” (with Christine Khor)

Over the series we’ll hear about

  • What qualities/habits build the best organisation culture
  • What leads to the demise of culture
  • As leaders what should be “front of mind” in building a business culture that generates the best results

You Don’t Build A Healthy Business Culture With Gimmicks

Culture essentially reflects the behaviour, actions and attitudes of a business leadership.

In fact, no amount of posters, mugs, reminders of the values of an organisation will make any difference if there is a lack of congruence in how managers lead their people.

The next 4 questions contain the key to why Bridgeworks emphasises leaders’ quality feedback around “How Others See Me”.

  • As a leader, are you trusted?
  • Do you treat people with the respect they desire?
  • Do you really understand the difference between ‘managing’ and ‘leading’ your people?
  • How well connected to your people are you as their ‘leader’?

10 Key Factors That Build And Sustain A Winning Culture

The panel and the leaders in the audience raised 10 key points. These will feature in the forthcoming Podcast “How to Build a Winning Culture?” series:

  1. Customer care begins with your staff. Your people should be your #1 “customer”
  2. If you are paying a bonus, call it a “profit share”. That is what it is. It comes out of the dividends of the company – they are ‘investing’ in the business. It is part of the profit. Don’t call it a “bonus”.
  3. Find out what makes a staff member special / what rings their bells. Learn what they like to do so you can talk with them about that special interest. In other words, show interest in their world.
  4. People don’t leave their job, they leave their boss.
  5. The standard you walk by (as in what you choose to walk past) is the standard that you accept
  6. Support workplace flexibility – by trusting the employees that they will contribute as much and more when they are working from home
  7. Maintain a collaborative leadership style – leaders make everyone play the game
  8. If you want to know how good your culture is, look at the level of willingness of your staff
  9. Have enjoyment and fun at workplace. Contributing positively to the cause. All valuing each other
  10. Praise the good and recognise it in the moment. So don’t step over the little things.

I’m looking forward to sharing this and more with you over the coming months.
First, watch the taster of what is to come:

Ownership & Influence of Culture