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Past Breakfast Events

December 2015

Michael Carr-Gregg - Jackson Oppy & Les Twentyman  

ICE Forum – Maybe You Have the Answers?

December 2014

Pete Jensen – Larsen Jensen

“Psychological Safety” Your Competitive Advantage

June 2014

Rob Stary – Robert Stary Lawyers

Status Quo & Complacency: Killers of Business & Community?

August 2013

Joe Barberis – CEO, Harris Scarfe

Building Resilience (& Profit) in Tough Times

March 2013

Wayne Dyson – Tell Your Story

The Power of Sharing Your Journey

September 2012

Max Walker – Entrepreneur and sports legend

Imagination + Association = Possibility

June 2012

Maria O’Connor – Executive Chairman, Ticketmaster

Where have all the Leaders gone?

December 2011

Simon Kennedy – CEO, Smart Fabrication

Why? The most powerful but under-utilised question in the world today.

July 2011

Peter Brohier – Political Lobyist

The Art of Leverage & Influence

April 2011

Tim Medhurst – CEO Outward Bound

The Rise and Power of Collaboration

November 2010

Justin Leppitsch – All Australian AFL Player

Defending You, Your business, Your team

June 2010

Matt Patti – Sports & Science Director, FitGenes

Aussies Take the Lead in Personal Genetics…
You, Your DNA, Genetics impacting workplaces

March 2010

Father Bob – The Wild Card

How political correctness is sending us to an early grave

December 2009

Kathryn Anda – MD PEPworldwide

Technology – Friend or Foe to Leadership?

October 2009

Tony Mowbray – Tony Mowbray Expeditions

The Power of Commitment.

October 2009

Ross Hill – Social Media Entrepreneur

Internet Innovations, Your Untapped Communication Potential Uncovered

July 2009

David Parkin & Paul Bourke – AFL Legends

Performance Strategies from Professional Sport

April 2009

Jeff Floyd – CEO, AAA Tourism

Green Culture – Getting Down & Dirty… and Green

December 2008

Tania de Jong – AM, Creativity Australia

Creative Thinking – Dead or Alive in your Workplace?

October 2008

Les Twentyman – OAM, Community Champion, Victorian of the Year

Sinner or Saint? Leadership from Branson to Bel.

July 2008

Jane Rowe – CEO Mirabel Foundation

It’s Still Rock’n'Roll To Me

April 2008

Gavin Freeman – Author, “The Business Olympian”

Winning Gold in Business – It’s All a Matter of FOCUS

December 2007

Andrew Darbyshire – Owner/Director, Pacsoft

You Don’t Have to Be Extraordinary to Have an Extraordinary Life

October 2007

Kevin Bailey – Consulate General Timor Leste

Moral Leadership in the Marketplace

June 2007

Dr Peter Hollingworth – past Australian Governor General

Life, Work and Bridge Building

March 2007

Michael Coyne – Human Rights Photographer

Doing the Impossible – Leadership is Risky Business

October 2006

Rod Pearse

Leadership – Building Business, Communities and Family