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“Victoria – Dreadful Parent or Star Mentor?”

Bernie Geary OAM

Past Commissioner for Children and Young People

Bridgeworks Leadership Breakfast

River Room, Crown Palladium, Melbourne Wednesday 2nd August

Attention all parents or guardians of young people. Attention too if you have young employees and you are seeking to help them to maximise their value to themselves and your organisation.

“The state (Victoria) is a dreadful parent. It never has been a good parent and it really needs to address that,” Mr Geary said in an interview with Fairfax Media in 2015. I don’t think a lot has changed – maybe it has got worse.

Bernie Geary is the retired Commissioner for Children and Young People. He has strong views on what needs to happen when it comes to working with young people.

“I have seen some fairly grisly, sad, depressing things that have been balanced by the wonderful and resilient people I’ve met.”

After working under five premiers, five ministers and five department secretaries, Mr Geary said government of both political stripes do not have priorities right.

“We need to stop talking about bridges and roads, and where the shadows of buildings are going to fall, because the biggest shadow that is going to fall is over the lives of these children.”

This will be a provocative but highly enlightening presentation. Bernie will be bringing strategies and solutions that could make a significant difference to your business, family and community.