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The Business Culture Trust Matrix: What Builds a Great Business?

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Profit and productivity are directly linked to business culture. It follows that culture is directly linked to leadership. Leadership can either destroy or restore culture. The Bridgeworks process puts a ‘hard edge’ on the ’soft’ people skills by measuring organisational and leadership health.

Destruction of Organisational or Team Culture
- How Culture is Destroyed

Everyone wants to work in a ‘Win-Win’ environment. This includes open, honest conversations and working together for the greater business cause. But first, let’s explore how a good culture turns bad…


However poor leadership breaks down this productive, engaged culture.

As culture deteriorates, employees will take one of two ‘downward’ routes. These are based on whether the company puts them first or they put themselves first (self-centered) or whether ‘I can’ or ‘I can’t’ trust the business.

You may have a high performing, self starter who provides exceptional results. For them the team may come second as they put themselves first. Eventually that ‘self-centred’ approach leads to a lose-lose work environment as fewer people choose to work with that person.

People loyal and honourable to the business tend to continue to put the business first. These people become disillusioned if they feel the loyalty and support is not returned. Disillusionment turns into self-preservation. The end result is again ‘lose-lose’.

Restoration of Organisational or Team Culture
– Bridgeworks Restoration Process

What are the issues holding us back from being a high performing leadership and organisational team? What are the honest conversations avoided because of political correctness or wanting to keep the peace? What is the vision we have for our business? Do we have one? If so, is it communicated?  Does it excite and engage staff & stakeholders? 

We may have good managers, but what we need in a thriving culture are good leaders. 

The real challenge is that people no longer want to be “managed”. People want good leadership.  You might be your team’s manager, but would they vote for you as their leader?

The first step may be to have the courage to ‘face the facts’. To admit that there are issues or challenges. An even bigger step of courage is to admit that you may have been responsible! Those managers that need to look in the mirror the most, resist the most.

Bridgeworks uses a process called “How Others See Me”. It’s not like the classic 360 feedback tool, which measures what you do.  “How Others See Me” measures more who you are – your behaviour, your attitudes, how you build trust and your interpersonal effectiveness.

If you want maverick performers in your business or team, you need to keep them accountable to the team’s agreed acceptable and non-acceptable behaviours. For your more loyal and honourable employees to be at full potential, you need to prove that any leadership attitudes and behavioural changes are real.

Acting on the data and feedback in the way you are now leading your team, your business, your behaviour proovides the best insurance for restoring culture. 

Thorugh a combination of personal and team action plans a positive road map is established taking the business forward.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your team move forward!

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