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Cape Liptrap & Leadership NOW August 29-31

Mar 27 2018

Recently Bridgeworks worked with entrepreneurs at a new venue in Cape Liptrap, Victoria. Due to the program’s great success, Bridgeworks Leadership NOW program will be run there again in August.

See the brochure LeadershipNOW Cape Liptrap



This wild part of the Victorian coastline has its own ocean beach and the venue is ‘off the grid’ generating its own power. It is a great location for a leadership experience combining indoor and outdoor activities.


Here are comments from some of the participants:

“The key learning for me was understanding myself as a leader by getting feedback from my team and realizing the way I see myself is quite different to the way my team sees me. This helps me tremendously to be able to understand what is really going on and therefore apply myself in a more powerful way and to get more out of myself and out of my team. You can’t do it all yourself”

“I think people undervalue the power of the relationship.” (Alan)

“The Bridgeworks program has been exceptional to me – I’ve never done anything like this in my life before.

“I think it is the most constructive thing I have ever done. The fact I have learned so much about myself and people in general. It may sound ridiculous but I feel so much more equipped today than I did 3 days ago. I feel confident that I can go forward and do what I need to do. I am quite amazed.” (Richard)

“My experience has been that where we as a the team or one of the team leader has made the commitment to make the investment to bring the team together and learn together about where our strengths and preferred orientations the results have been significantly better compared to where there has been no investment.” (Alan)

“(The program) has been like a concentrated, accelerated experience of situations which otherwise you would come across in a business way but here in a safe way but it has brought to the fore quickly lots of questions and behaviours and things that I know about myself.

It brings learning forward very fast.” (Francoise)

“Being here to learn to but also all the experience both from your program but also from the background and responses of each the people in the room is formidable. Each one of us takes back new learning on top of what we have brought here already. We are just going to be better off for it, our people will be better off for it and our businesses will be better off for it and I know it will be measurable.

Such a great journey into self-discovery.” (Heiner)