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Cycling in France

Leadership is not the only passion of mine… I have been an avid cyclist for many years and my working vacation in France with Susan has given me the opportunity to cycle many legs from the Tour de France!

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Thoughts On Communication From France


Living in a French village for the last couple of months has shown me how differently we all communicate and how uncomfortable it is to deal with people who just don’t get what we are trying to convey.

Try walking into the local pub in our small village in Southern France like I did today.

I don’t speak French, they don’t speak English. Thank God “Beer” sounds vaguely similar to the French translation! Thankfully, I did get my beer but that was the END of the conversation. It’s times like this that I would really like to understand their language…I try but it’s not easy.

It reminds me of so many of you in your leadership roles. You can’t work out why people are disengaged. The issue: The way YOU communicate is NOT the way THEY communicate….

  • It’s a FACT that nearly 80% of Australian workers are disengaged
  • It’s a FACT that engaged employees are directly related to the way they are led
  • Is it time for you to ‘look in the leadership mirror’? Time to look at proven strategies that better engage people (from our 15 years of research)
  • Are you interested in keeping and attracting good people?
  • You owe it to yourself, your business, and your family to sharpen your relationship saw

Leadership NOW provides this opportunity.

Leadership NOW is a 4-day residential program evolved from over 15 years working with thousands of leaders from all industries. It’s not just my brains, but theirs too, that have helped make this such a unique and practical experience.

We chose the distraction-free environment of Lady Elliot Island in QLD so you wouldn’t forget the experience and valuable learning that has already impacted leaders Australia-wide. The next public program is November 22-25. During this time, you will share a powerful and unforgettable experience with up to 11 other like-minded leaders from a range of industries, all seeking to build their leadership capacity.

Read more about this amazing opportunity to enhance your leadership here.

Thanks for reading and I’ll update you with more observations from France in a little bit!

All the best,


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