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Wayne Dyson

Wayne helps people achieve success through partnerships


Wayne Dyson established Bridgeworks in Melbourne and has built it into one of Australia’s most effective consultancies in building powerful and resilient teams.

Wayne moved from teaching into the unchartered waters of ‘Outward Bound Australia’. Over a 6 year period leading expeditions and managing programs Australia-wide he created many initiatives in developing people’s potential through unique experiential (learning by doing) programs. These initiatives were recognised internationally and led to a 12 month contract in the USA. Many such initiatives and principles he has since applied in the last 12 years working with corporate leadership teams.

The focus is the power of relationships. 

Consulting with senior executives is Wayne’s major role, helping their companies become more competitive by providing strong leadership, teamwork and change management skills. Credibility comes from practicing leadership and personal development, not just talking about it. 


Wayne believes successful people:

Are self-motivated

They have a passion for what they do! They have meaningful goals that inspire them to succeed.

Have high self-esteem

They believe that they deserve to succeed. They give added value, they win by helping others to win.

Know themselves

They are aware of how their needs, values and attitudes affect their behaviour. They are aware of their impact on other people.

Are self directed

They know that the choices they make determine their success. They don’t make excuses or blame others.

Believe in people

They recognise that they can achieve more as a team than they can as an individual.


Our primary role is to help clients continually develop and foster their people skills that can be applied in both their professional and personal lives.

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