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Support Partners

Organisations Bridgeworks are sponsoring and working in partnership with.

Outward Bound Australia

We are proud to support Outward Bound due to the powerful impact its programs have on people’s self-believe and building leadership capacity.

Wayne Dyson worked for nearly 6 years at OB (Australia & Minnesota) and credits much of his success at Bridgeworks to these experiences. The OB process is life changing for people of all walks of life – wanting to build their leadership capacity or simply to build better belief in themselves and their potential.



20th Man Fund

The 20th Man Fund founded by Les Twentyman, advocates on behalf of disadvantaged young people with the aim to reconnect them with family, community and society through its educational, sporting and counselling programmes. Every child, young person and family has a right to a Future. Poverty, family breakdown and discrimination restricts many of them from reaching their full potential. 

The 20th Man Fund’s mission is: To provide educational, sporting and counselling services & programs to the homeless and disadvantaged.

20th Man vision is “…to have no child, youth or adult homeless in Victoria”

Bridgeworks is working with 20th Man on a program called “Off the Streets and Into Life” – sending disadvantaged kids onto an Outward Bound program.



Stand By You

In 2005, CiCi Edwards-Jensen set up a cancer foundation dedicated to supporting people with short term financial assistance. 

“There seemed to be quite a lot of money being raised for cancer research, which is important, however the gap was huge when it came to patients being able to resource support for their practical everyday financial commitments whilst trying to live life with cancer.

We wanted them to know that ‘someone was there’; that others actually cared about their quality of life”.

  • Providing short term financial assistance for people living with cancer.

  • Financially supporting people living with cancer who wish to attend workshops (or similar) providing resources to assist them in managing their illness on a day to day basis.