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Our Approach

Practical, Hands-on, Common sense….

We have learnt over the years that people learn more when the are engaged and having fun.

At Bridgeworks we measure everything we do this includes how you tend to communicate and how well you connect with others. Thus Bridgeworks uses a unique set of Australian researched feedback systems – we call them ‘mirrors’. These provide you with qualitative and quantitative feedback on How You See Yourself compared to How Others See You… perception vs. reality.

We can separate your leadership from your management effectiveness. We find many managers do not understand this crucial difference!

We have developed programs based on Australian needs and values.

Although we use some of the best leadership tools from overseas, they are fully adapted to

our Australian culture.

Business culture starts with building Leadership effectiveness.

Our programs cultivate a climate of honesty, trust, respect and personal responsibility.

DISC Personal Profile

Bridgeworks uses the powerful DISC behavioural profile to ensure people build personal self awareness and provide strategies to help build trust and manage diversity.  

Being a small business makes us very customer responsive.

We can quickly adapt, “think on our feet” – we do not have a rigid “packaged program” approach.