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Client Testimonials

We value what our clients have to say.

We foster an open ongoing communication platform to help us deliver our best service each and everytime. Bridgeworks has helped many organisations improve their leadership, business planning, people and culture.

Following are some of our client experiences with Bridgeworks.

Bridgeworks Testimonials – Senior Executives

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Bridgeworks Testimonials – Middle Management 

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In my capacity dealing with mainly manufacturing, engineering and technical managers, the challenge is building leadership capacity and ‘people skills’. Wayne has a great knack of bringing to life practical, common sense processes that build better relationships and productivity.

Alyson Heinze, Director HR

We have used Wayne extensively throughout our business driving a new wave of leaders throughout our business. Many of our senior managers have expressed the program had a significant impact in their ability to influence others, and be better coaches to their own people.

Andrew Beer, National Manager – CGU Insurance

In my last role as Australian Manager for an international Seeds company we used Wayne’s leadership & coaching facilitation extensively with our managers and management team. As a result of these processes we were able to change our business culture, accelerating our strategic initiatives. This led to doubling our sales over the next 2 years as a direct result.

Peter Young, CEO Heritage Seeds

Although in many ways we compete in the same market, I highly regard and recommend Wayne as a facilitator of leadership development activities. He has developed and delivered leadership programs that have changed people’s lives for the better. He is highly respected in his field, is a very reliable colleague and a supportive friend.

Gordon Edwards, Chair / Executive Mentor, The Executive Connection (TEC)

Wayne is the pinnacle of his service type – guaranteed to lead leaders to be better leaders

Glenn Guilfoyle, Principal, The Next Level

Wayne has a passion for helping his clients achieve sustainable solutions in developing their leadership styles. He has worked on his area of expertise over a number of years and is enthusiastic in helping senior management achieve their business goals by working with their people.

Michelle Naughton, Director, Ramsey Coote Instruments

Wayne Dyson, Mr Bridgeworks, is a facilitator and change leader we have worked with in the petrochemical industry and local government. Wayne is a man of the highest integrity and has played a key role in pulling together teams on the precipice of dysfunction and conflict.

C4M Consultants

An enthusiastic, professional Leadership & Team Development consultant who specialises in practical, results oriented learning for executives and managers. He is a person of high integrity who ‘does what he says he is going to do’. With over 15 years experience in the business, I highly recommend him.

Alan Veal, Owner, Integro – Alan Veal & Associates